Get Support From an Experienced Speech Therapist

Get Support From an Experienced Speech Therapist

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Losing the ability to speak or communicate easily can be devastating. If your loved one is struggling to communicate, turn to Cloudview Healthcare for help. We offer speech therapy for seniors who struggle with speech disorders, communication disorders and cognitive roadblocks.

Our speech therapists will assess your loved one's communication level to create a plan for their development. Connect with our team in El Paso, TX today for speech therapy services.

We're trained in several speech and communication techniques

Speech issues can also affect the ability to swallow, and they usually require highly specialized care. Our speech therapy services include...

  • Cognitive retraining
  • Swallowing assessment and education
  • Speech assessment and training

We’ll work with your loved one to discover what techniques best help their condition and needs. Learn more about our speech therapy for seniors by calling 915-564-0323 now.